Oh Yeah, I Published a Book

Hi everyone,

Earlier this month I published my first book, Feeling My Way: Finding Motherhood Without Losing Myself. I am so freaking proud of it. I really am. I hope you'll check it out.

As Alison's first birthday approaches, I realize that I gave birth three times this past year: first, to her; then, to the show I produced and hosted in March, Having a Ball Having it All; and then, to this book. Phew. That's a lot of laboring. I'm thinking the coming year might call for a lot of R&R.

So, the book. It's based on things you may have read here on this blog, but I edited them a whole bunch and wove them together to tell a more cohesive story. It's short, it's available on Kindle, and it is my heart on the (electronic) page. 

> Listen to me read an excerpt from the book (MP3).

In the coming weeks, I'll share what I learned about the self-publishing process. (Apparently, many of the best-selling e-books this year have been self-published, just like mine - more on this trend here if you're interested.)

If you like the book, and would be willing to spread the word, I'd be deeply grateful. Here are some of the nice things other people have had to say about it.