Tina Fey on Improv, Sarah Palin, and Cake

My friend Kevin Dando at PBS (@kdando) interviews Tina Fey, who's being honored this month with the Mark Twain Prize for Comedy - and so my public media and comedy worlds* collide:

I love what she says about improv:

"You lose your fear of failure in a great way if you improvise a lot, because you mostly fail when you improvise...it's freeing to fail and you realize that you didn't die."

I also love her comment that the only time she has regret is when she doesn't follow her instincts. Preach it, Tina!

(*Upon further reflection, Tina Fey is not actually part of "my" comedy world. I mean, sure, we bump into each other at the Comedy World Water Cooler...and say "hey" at the Comedy World annual picnic... but otherwise...)

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