The Philadelphia skylineI'm off to Philly this afternoon for the Philadelphia Improv Festival. Jordan and our friend Karen are performing as Vox Pop, a musical improv duo. They're amazing and I can't wait to see them in action again - it's been too long!

Philly holds a lot of memories for me and Jordan. I went to school at Penn, and Jordan spent enough time visiting me there that he deserves an honorary degree. I hated Penn, actually - that's a story for another day - but I adored Philly...which was fitting, really, since all I knew when I was looking at colleges was that I wanted to be in a city.

What would our 19-year-old selves have thought if we told them, "One day, you'll take a day trip back here from New York, in order to perform in an improv festival"? Our first thought probably would have been, "What the hell is improv?" - then, "Cool, we'll be living together in New York." I'm picturing our younger selves side by side with ourselves today, and it makes me more than a little nostalgic.

I feel myself transported to 1998, and to the yearning I felt then for meaning, for answers to so many of life's big questions - and compare it to the yearning I feel today, so much the same. I think about all the years in between, all the steps I took as I forged my path. I picture these years in a snow globe - my life in magical miniature.

Turn it upside down, and away we go...

Photo by Flickr user Justin Dula