I'm Blogging for Public Media

Hey party people,

I wanted to let you know that I just started a writing a "Public Media Innovators" blog series for the Integrated Media Association (iMA) -- a professional development org in the public media community ("public media" = PBS, NPR, local stations, indie producers, various distributors like American Public Media...the whole shebangalang). My first post is a round-up of cool mapping projects in public media - I think you'll especially find this interesting if you work in journalism or indie media-making, or are just interested in what cool stuff public media producers are cooking up. (If you want to stay on top of all my writing for this project, you can subscribe to the iMA RSS feed or "like" iMA on Facebook.)

Entry in public media station KCET's "Map LA" contest

So why am I blogging about public media? As you may or may not know, I'm the former editorial director of PBS.org, and a lot of my consulting and professional writing work is for public media orgs. I heart public media. It's a tremendously important, tremendously dysfunctional community, and I found it far too political and depressing to work for on the inside; but I believe passionately in the importance of non-commercial media that showcases diverse perspectives, and it brings me deep satisfaction to support the efforts of public media, from the outside.

I'm especially excited about this blogging project because there are so many killer smart, creative people working in public media whose work doesn't get the attention it deserves. If I can be part of shining that spotlight, that makes me happy. Also, I hope that by writing about innovative work, I can be part of facilitating a conversation about what public media needs to do more of in order to be a relevant, viable media enterprise for the 21st century. Reports like this one do not buoy my spirits.:(

So, there you have it - another slice of Amanda. Comedy, yoga, creativity, culture... and public media. (This is why I wanted to design my own major in college...)