The Having it Alt Manifesto

  1. Mainstream media's depiction of "having it all" falls WAY short.
  2. "Having it all" isn't just about "career" or "family," having toned abs and making easy weeknight suppers while climbing the corporate ladder.
  3. For many of us, "having it all" is about finding room for creative expression while also being able to pay the bills. It's also about carving out sacred spiritual space, being of service, and being the kind of friend we want to be. Fundamentally, it's about our search for balance, meaning and fulfillment as women with deep and complex needs, interests and obligations. That search extends beyond our roles as wives, partners, parents, daughters, daughters-in-law, etc. It extends beyond our resumes, and our day planners. 
  4. Community is key. Hearing each other's stories buoys us, and being heard reassures us that we aren't alone.
  5. I'm glad you're here.

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